Sales for Recruiters

Adsum Resource provides fixed cost business sales support in an effective and flexible way enabling you to pick and choose from a menu of services appropriate to the stage of your business. Everything we do is customised to your requirements and helps you grow as a business.

Business & Sales Consultancy

What is your plan to increase sales and what resources will you need to do this?

We can help you identify what differentiates you from your competitors, which customers you should focus on for profitable sales and whether you have the right people, pricing, systems and processes to achieve your aims.
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Sales Mentoring & Training

Working from a basic premise that classroom learning has its limitations, and that "role-plays" are not "real-plays", Adsum takes the training into the work environment, on the job, listening to direct sales calls, and attending sales appointments. The conclusion is that with the right sales process and tools all sales consultants will be able to sell more, sell at higher prices and sell more quickly.
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Bid Management

Have you ever received an invitation to bid and wished you had been prepared for the tendering process? Are there gaps in your existing resources which prevent you from bidding for tenders, preparing proposals or from winning tenders? Adsum provides all the techniques, expertise and infrastructure your business needs to create a winning formal bid or tender response.
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