Leads for Recruiters

Adsum Resource aims to assist throughout the spectrum of lead generation activities. Our services have been specifically designed with the needs of the recruitment industry in mind. Your staff will be trained professionals and we aim not to replace their resource but to support it by undertaking some of the time consuming but very necessary lead generation activities which will enhance your revenue opportunity.

Opportunity Identification

By gathering information and categorising leads we can ensure you are aware of contract end dates/tender PQQs etc and have the right contact to get in touch with at the right time.

We can structure a rolling contact management program which can assure you that potential clients are contacted
with a relevant sales message at specific intervals of your choice (monthly, quarterly, annually).

At Adsum Resource we do not ask for large project fees to be met before you have any evidence of the value of our activity

  • Our charging structure is to bill upon completion of activity at which time the database with all gathered information will be returned to you.

  • Our fees are based upon an hourly rate for the resource allocated (at cost) with a performance related uplift based upon KPIs agreed at the start of your campaign.